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Bicep Tendon Rupture Symptoms

Your bicep muscle is connected to your shoulder and elbow by tendons. When these tendons are overextended or overused, they can rupture and require treatment to reattach to the bone. Bicep tendon rupture can occur at the shoulder or at the elbow, depending on the type of injury. This type of shoulder injury is more common in elderly people who may have micro tears that already exist in their bicep tendons, leaving them susceptible to rupture.

When a bicep tendon ruptures, the function of the arm is affected. Some of the symptoms of a bicep tendon rupture include:

  • Sharp pain and/or popping sound in upper arm at time of injury
  • Weakness and pain near shoulder or elbow
  • Difficulty turning palm up or down
  • Bruising on upper arm
  • Protrusion above elbow

If any combination of these symptoms occurs, you may have a ruptured bicep tendon in your arm. A physician can diagnose your condition, but for treatment, an orthopedic specialist may be needed. Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds offers treatment for ruptured bicep tendons at his clinic in San Jose.

Effective Treatment for Bicep Tendon Ruptures

In some circumstances, bicep tendon ruptures can be treated without surgery. If the tear is partial and on the top bicep tendon, rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy may be able to heal the rupture. However, more severe or lower ruptured bicep tendons may require surgery. This is also recommended for those who want faster recovery from their injury.
During the surgical repair, a small incision is made near the ruptured tendon to access the bone and tendon. The bone is prepared through cleaning and drilling to create holes for re-attaching the tendon to the bone. Sutures are used to secure the tendon to the bone through the drilled holes, then the incision is closed. Rest and rehabilitation are needed for full recovery.

If you have a ruptured bicep tendon that you need repaired, contact the office of Dr. Reynolds to discuss surgery. We accept many forms of insurance for your convenience.

Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds will help you achieve pain relief and return to an active lifestyle. Schedule Your Consultation Now!


Our Client Reviews

Masi Reynolds, D.O.

5 / 5.0

Based on 6 reviews

Becca Lopez

Dr. Reynolds is such an amazing doctor who is passionate and dedicates all his knowledge to help patients improve their health and injuries. I appreciate his patience and willingness to go above and beyond what is asked.

Rebecca M.

Dr Reynolds performed a very technical and complicated surgery on my son's shoulder last year. My son is (was!) a college football player and had 3 different shoulder surgeries to repair the same issue. After repeated failures I found Dr. Reynolds. He performed a Laterjet surgery which is something that is rarely done. Fast-forward a year, my son's shoulder has never had any more problems and he is stronger than ever. Thank you, Dr. Reynolds!

Ambessit J.

I went to see Dr. Raynolds because of his solid 5 star ratings. After seeing him, if I could, I would give him and his staff a solid 10 star ratings, and here is why: My 1st Impression: Beautiful and relaxing pictures of Canyons, welcoming & smiling staff, clean offices. My Time: Efficient and knowledgeable staff, and a reasonable wait time. The Best: .... Dr. Reynolds... every inch of his body exudes compassion. He listens attentively, takes his time to examine, he gives clear explanation of the injury, and answers all questions with care. Everything he did convinced me that I was lucky to have found him. (Thank you Yelp) :) I highly recommend Dr. Raynolds to my friends, my families and to anyone who's looking for the BEST and trustworthy surgeon. ~ Wishing you a smooth and quick recovery!

Andrea W.

I went to see Dr. Reynolds last week because I have chronic pain in my hip. He was incredible helpful and knowledgeable. He greeted me with a warm smile and was patient and kind, showing me exactly what the problem is and the treatment alternatives. He spent a lot of time with me and I am extremely happy with the treatment plan he has for me. I can highly recommend him.

Darla B.

Dr Reynolds has been amazing at treating many of my patients in need, including my daughter! Thank you, Dr Reynolds - I look forward to co-managing more patients in the near future!

Henrik Martin

Dr Reynolds is a Rock Star! I ripped a bicep tendon clean off my forearm in September 2016. After countless phone calls to the huge "Non Profit" hospital chain I usually go to, and the realization that they wouldn't be able to see me in several weeks, I decided to look elsewhere. My son had previously been treated by Dr. Haber at a small clinic in Campbell, so I called the clinic, and got an appointment with his colleague, Dr Kerisimasi Reynolds. I have to say that I was a little hesitant at first, because of his young age, and I was wondering how many surgeries he had performed. Anyway, I got a really good vibe from him, and he was super professional and explained everything really well in terms I could understand. He got me an MRI the same day, a follow up visit the next day I think, and he was able to do the surgery within the next 5 days. I decided to go for it, and it was a 1 hour surgery with a long recovery. This was in September, and I have my last physical therapy session next week. That said, I'd go under the knife for Dr Kerisimasi again anytime if I needed to. He's totally on top of his game, knows a lot about all the latest advancements in orthopedic surgery, etc. He also followed up with personal phone calls, emails, and even gave me his cell phone number in case I had post operation questions or concerns. I've been very active my whole life in a variety of sports and outdoors activities, and he has the mindset that he wants to enable you to get back to those activities as soon as possible, which I really appreciate. I give him an A+. He performed a state-of-the-art tendon reattachment surgery, and I'm basically fully recovered by now. I'm lifting weights, working without pain, and hope to be back in my river kayak this spring! I hope I don't have to see him in the operating room again, but if I do, I know I'm in good hands :-)

Kerisimasi Reynolds, D.O.

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